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Wholesale and Retail of Silver 925 Jewelry in the Philippines

So you want to start your own silver 925 jewelry business in the Philippines but still do not know where to buy high-quality yet affordable silver items? There are a bunch of wholesaler and retailer of silver 925 items in the Philippines but you need to be very careful when dealing with dealers to ensure that you don’t fall to scammers.

Here are a few points to remember when transacting with wholesaler of sterling silver 925 items in the Philippines:

Make Personal Visits

As much as possible, only deal with wholesalers on a face to face basis. Visit the store if possible to see if the wholesaler actually has several silver jewelry items to choose from. Visiting actual stores also gives you the idea of the legitimacy of the dealer because you will be able to see if several buyers are also getting their supply from the said wholesaler.

Get Information First

Is the business registered? How long has the dealer been in operation? Do they have a website? Do they have client testimonials? These are just a few of the details you will have to know before closing a deal with the silver dealer.


If you are dealing with silver 925 dealers online, find out if they have contact numbers and addresses on their websites. You can also determine how many years the site has been in operation. Don’t just pay for a transaction if you are in doubt about the presence of the wholesaler.


Will you be able to return the silver item if these turn to black after a few days from the hands of you customer? This is very important because there are silver 925 jewelry items that really discolor especially if the user has high level of acidity. While you can simply clean it up using the silver cleaner, it is wise to know if your wholesaler offer some kind of warranty.

Yes, silver 925 jewelry business is a profitable venture especially if you are able to find high-quality silver items that will please your customers. But you have to use common sense when dealing with wholesalers online.

Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is a scam. –